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Wild life in Norway.

Interested in wild animals in Norway?

In Norway, you can find a diverse range of wildlife due to its varied landscapes, including mountains, fjords, forests, and coastal areas. Some notable animals that you might encounter in Norway include:

  1. Elk (Moose): Norway is home to a significant population of elk, especially in forested areas. They are the largest species of deer and can often be spotted in rural regions.
  2. Reindeer: In the northern parts of Norway, particularly in areas like Finnmark, you may find reindeer. Reindeer herding is a traditional livelihood for the indigenous Sami people in these regions.
  3. Arctic Fox: Found in the northernmost parts of Norway, the Arctic fox is well-adapted to cold climates. Its fur changes color with the seasons, providing camouflage in the snow.
  4. Polar Bear: While polar bears primarily inhabit the Arctic region, including Svalbard, an archipelago under Norwegian sovereignty, sightings in mainland Norway are extremely rare.
  5. Brown Bear: In the wilderness areas of central and northern Norway, particularly in the boreal forests, you might find brown bears. However, they are elusive and tend to avoid human contact.
  6. Wolves: Wolves inhabit some parts of Norway, particularly in remote and wooded areas. Like bears, they are often difficult to spot due to their shy nature.
  7. Lynx: The Eurasian lynx can be found in Norway, particularly in forested and mountainous regions. They are solitary and elusive cats.
  8. Sea Eagles: Norway’s coastal areas are home to white-tailed sea eagles, one of the largest species of eagles. They are often seen near fjords and coastal cliffs.
  9. Seals: Along the coast, especially in places like the Lofoten Islands, you may encounter seals, including common seals and grey seals.
  10. Various Bird Species: Norway is rich in birdlife, with numerous species inhabiting its diverse landscapes. You can find seabirds along the coast and a variety of forest and mountain birds inland.

Remember that the wildlife distribution can vary depending on the specific region and habitat within Norway. It’s always a good idea to respect the animals’ natural habitats and observe them from a safe distance.


Norway has a rich maritime environment, and its coastal waters are known for diverse marine life. Fishing is a significant industry in Norway, and the country’s waters are teeming with a variety of fish and other sea creatures. Here are some notable aspects of fishing and marine life in Norway:

  1. Fish Species: Norway is famous for its abundance of fish, including Atlantic cod, haddock, mackerel, herring, salmon, and more. The country is a major exporter of seafood, and fishing has been a traditional livelihood for many coastal communities.
  2. Salmon Farming: Norway is a leading producer of farmed salmon. Salmon farming is a major industry, with fish farms located in coastal areas and fjords. Norwegian salmon is well-regarded for its quality.
  3. Whales: Norway’s coastal waters are home to various whale species, including orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, and sperm whales. Whale watching tours are popular in certain coastal regions.
  4. Seals: Seals, including harbor seals and grey seals, can be found along the Norwegian coast. They inhabit rocky shores, islands, and other coastal areas.
  5. Shellfish: Norway’s waters are rich in shellfish, including shrimp, crab, and lobster. Commercial and recreational fishing for these species is common, and seafood enthusiasts can enjoy fresh catches.
  6. Atlantic Puffins: Along the northern coast, especially in places like the Lofoten Islands, you may find colonies of Atlantic puffins, seabirds known for their colorful beaks.
  7. King Crab: The red king crab, originally from the North Pacific, was introduced to Norwegian waters and is now a notable species. It has become a popular catch and is served in many seafood restaurants.
  8. Cetaceans: Besides whales, dolphins and porpoises are also present in Norwegian waters. These marine mammals can sometimes be spotted during boat trips and whale-watching excursions.
  9. Lobsters: Lobster fishing is a seasonal activity in Norway, with lobster pots set out during the designated fishing season.
  10. Deep-Sea Life: Norway’s continental shelf is extensive, and deep-sea ecosystems host a variety of marine life, including unique species adapted to the cold and dark conditions of the deep ocean.

Whether you’re interested in fishing, whale watching, or simply enjoying seafood, Norway’s coastal areas offer a wealth of experiences for those fascinated by marine life. It’s important to be aware of sustainable fishing practices to help preserve the delicate balance of these ecosystems.

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