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A train passing by a lake in Saltfjellet mountain area in Nordland

«Embark on the ultimate road trip adventure in Norway with the freedom of a campervan! Roam through stunning landscapes, picturesque fjords, and charming villages at your own pace. Our guide is your key to unlocking the best experiences on the road.

Discover the thrill of campervan travel with these essential insights: 🚐 Scenic Routes: Navigate through breathtaking vistas and discover the most picturesque routes across Norway. 🏞️ Camping Spots: Uncover hidden gems for camping, whether it’s by a tranquil lake, nestled in a forest, or with a view of the majestic mountains. 🍽️ Local Cuisine: Explore the culinary delights of Norway by discovering local eateries and markets on your journey. 🌄 Must-Visit Stops: From iconic landmarks to hidden wonders, make the most of your adventure with our curated list of must-visit destinations. 🌅 Sunset Camping: Experience the magic of camping under the Northern Lights or enjoying a sunset by the sea – the choice is yours. 🗺️ Navigation Tips: Get handy tips for navigating the roads and understanding the unique traffic rules in Norway. 🔥 Campfire Stories: Connect with fellow travelers, share experiences, and create lasting memories around a campfire.

Fuel your wanderlust and embrace the open road with our comprehensive guide to campervan travel in Norway. Your dream journey awaits – let the adventure begin!»


«Immerse yourself in the heart of nature and elevate your camping experience in Norway with our curated guide to exceptional campgrounds. From scenic coastal spots to serene mountain retreats, we’ve handpicked accommodations that offer the perfect blend of comfort and adventure.

🏕️ Picturesque Campsites: Discover a selection of campgrounds that provide breathtaking views and proximity to natural wonders, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

🌲 Woodland Retreats: Nestle your campervan in the midst of lush forests, offering a peaceful and rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle. 🏞️ Waterside Havens: Set up camp along pristine lakeshores or by tranquil rivers, where the soothing sounds of water enhance your camping ambience.

🏔️ Mountain Hideaways: Choose from high-altitude campsites surrounded by majestic peaks, providing a cosy haven for nature enthusiasts.

🌅 Sunrise and Sunset Spots: Opt for campgrounds strategically located for breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, transforming your camping moments into unforgettable memories.

🍽️ Facilities and Amenities: Explore campgrounds that offer essential amenities such as clean facilities, picnic areas, and more, ensuring a comfortable stay in the great outdoors.

🌌 Stargazing Sites: Camp under the vast Norwegian sky, away from city lights, for a mesmerizing stargazing experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation with our guide to camping accommodations in Norway. Whether you seek tranquillity, adventure, or a bit of both, our recommendations promise an unparalleled connection with nature. Make your camping escapade memorable – choose the perfect spot for your next outdoor retreat!»


Travel responsibly

Norway. 🚗 Eco-Friendly Transportation: Choose eco-friendly transportation options, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, public transit, or cycling, to reduce your carbon footprint while exploring the diverse landscapes of Norway.

♻️ Waste Reduction: Minimize waste by using reusable water bottles, bags, and containers. Dispose of waste responsibly and participate in recycling programs available in different regions.

🌲 Respect Wildlife: Observe wildlife from a safe distance, respecting their natural habitats. Avoid feeding wild animals and follow guidelines provided by local authorities for responsible wildlife viewing.

🌄 Stay on Designated Trails: Stick to marked trails to protect fragile ecosystems and prevent soil erosion. Follow hiking and camping regulations to preserve the natural beauty of Norway’s mountains, forests, and coastal areas.

🤝 Cultural Sensitivity: Embrace cultural diversity and respect local customs, traditions, and etiquette. Learn about the history and heritage of the places you visit, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the local way of life.

By adopting responsible travel practices, you not only enhance your own experience but also contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of Norway. Let your journey be a positive force, leaving a lasting legacy of responsible exploration for generations to come.»


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