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Extreme Sports Hub – Voss

Voss has earned global acclaim as the ultimate destination for extreme sports enthusiasts. Here, you can experience everything from skydiving, and paragliding, to safe and thrilling rafting, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Hiking and mountain excursions are also immensely popular, thanks to the surrounding mountains and the accessibility provided by the Voss Gondola, making the peaks reachable for everyone, including those with reduced mobility. During winter, Voss transforms into a winter wonderland, offering three ski resorts, extensive cross-country skiing trails, and a splendid mountain landscape.

Nestled in the heart of Fjord Norway, Voss is a village brimming with extreme contrasts, rich history, cultural gems, and exciting attractions.

For a comprehensive guide to the village, check out «The Great Vossa Guide.»

For a deeper dive into Voss’s development and history, explore «Voss – A Diverse Village.»

Explore Southern Norway with Voss on the Map

Latest News If it’s been a while since your last visit to Voss, you’re in for new and exciting experiences. Stay tuned for updates!

Winter Bathing Our guide to winter bathing is a must-read for those seeking a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Konute Rockne Cultural Walk Embark on a self-guided cultural walk and discover the fascinating history of Voss with the Konute Rockne cultural walk.

Affordable Activities Engage in budget-friendly activities like sauna sessions, swimming, and more. Experience the essence of Norwegian tradition at Vossakveik.

Activities Galore

Explore a variety of popular activities or dive deeper into specific themes with articles like «Exploring Voss Rivers» and «Hiking in Voss.» If you’re hunting for Instagram-worthy spots, don’t miss our «Top 10 Instagram Spots.»

Popular Activities:

  • 4 Hours of Paddling Fun – Wet and Wild A perfect adventure for corporate groups, friends, and bachelor/bachelorette parties!
  • Bike the Fjords Discover beautiful Voss on two wheels!
  • Bordalsgjelet Explore the spectacular natural attraction within walking distance of the town center.
  • Breidskrednosi via Rimstigen, Wild Voss Immerse yourself in the world heritage site 1189 meters above Nærøyfjorden.
  • Day Trip Cabin at Klepp Experience the day trip cabin at Klepp (600m above sea level) with free access year-round.
  • Electric Bike Rental Navigate Voss quickly with our electric bikes!
  • Traditional Brewing Experience with Kveik and Sprakalog Feel the warmth around the fire in the traditional brewing house while learning about the brewing tradition.
  • Beginner’s River Paddling Course, 2 Days, Voss – Wet and Wild Dive into a two-day beginner’s course in river paddling.
  • Tandem Kayak River Paddling with Kayak Voss Explore one of the most beautiful rivers on Voss through a unique and thrilling adventure.
  • River Paddling with Voss Flow Discover local rivers with Voss Flow. Enjoy a fun SUP board tour down Vosso to the town or take a two-day course.
  • Family Rafting in Raundalselva Grade 2, Voss, Outdoor Norway Explore the fantastic Raundalselva on Voss with family-friendly rafting.
  • Mountain Climbing on Lønahorgi, with Wild Voss Ascend the distinctive Lønahorgi mountain via the «Pioneer Route.»
  • Waterfall Rappelling – Voss Active Equipped with climbing harness, wetsuit, and helmet, rappel down the 100-meter high and spectacular Skjervsfossen in two stages.
  • One-Way Gondola Ride The Voss Gondola takes you up to Hangurstoppen at 820 meters above sea level. Starting from Voss station, you can go directly from the train or bus.
  • Guided Mountain Biking Tour, Bømoen, Voss – Outdoor Norway Experience world-class mountain biking tours in Voss and its surroundings.
  • Guided River SUP Board Tour, Voss, Outdoor Norway See the river from a new perspective with a guided river SUP board tour.
  • Guided Fjord and Glacier Tour to Fjærland Explore famous sites like Vikafjellet, Hopperstad Stave Church in Vik, and cruise in Fjærlandsfjorden.
  • Guided Historical Hike to Sverrestigen – Wild Voss Join a lively hike in historical surroundings, reliving the battle of King Sverre Sigurdsson in 1177.
  • Guided Tour to Kiellandbu, with Wild Voss A guided hike to Kiellandbu through beautiful mountain landscapes, along rushing rivers, and ending with an unbeatable view.
  • Guided Tour to Balholm Cider House in Balestrand A Fjord & Cider tour to the charming family-run cider house – Balholm – in Balestrand by Sognefjorden.
  • Hangurshusko, Hangurstoppen, Voss Swing high above Voss with breathtaking views.
  • Sea Kayak Rental Experience the beautiful Vangsvatnet from a different perspective, surrounded by mountains and fresh air.
  • Private Guide to Romsdal Discover the magnificent Romsdal region with a private guide.
  • Private Tour: Raundalen and Kvamskogen Winter Photography Adventure Experience the scenic winter landscapes of Raundalen and Kvamskogen with a private photography guide.
  • Private Tour: Nærøyfjorden and Stalheimskleiva Discover the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden and the spectacular Stalheimskleiva with a private guide.
  • Private Tour: Norway in a Nutshell Explore the best of Norway with a private guide.
  • Nærøyfjord Kayak Rental Paddle through the narrow and stunning Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking – Voss Active Get a taste of the exciting world of whitewater kayaking with professional instructors.
  • Indoor Skydiving Experience – VossVind Experience the thrill of freefall in a safe and controlled environment.
  • In the Footsteps of the Trolls – Roundtrip Bergen-Voss-Gudvangen Discover the magical world of the trolls with a round trip from Bergen to Gudvangen, via Voss.
  • Historical Evening Tour with a Fjord Cruise – Voss Active Combine history and scenic beauty with an evening cruise on the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord.
  • High Ropes Course – Voss Active Challenge yourself on an exhilarating high ropes course in the stunning nature of Voss.
  • Hiking and Snowshoeing in Voss Resort Enjoy the serene winter landscapes with guided hikes and snowshoeing in Voss Resort.
  • Gudvangen Viking Village – Round Trip from Voss Experience Viking culture and history in Gudvangen with a round trip from Voss.
  • Gudvangen – Flåm – Voss (Round Trip) Explore the stunning Nærøyfjord, Flåm, and Gudvangen in a round trip from Voss.
  • Gudvangen – Flåm – Bergen (Round Trip) Experience the breathtaking Nærøyfjord, Flåm, and Bergen in a round trip from Voss.
  • Fishing Excursion in Vosso River Experience the thrill of fishing in the renowned Vosso River.
  • Family-Friendly Rafting in Raundalselva Grade 2, Voss, Outdoor Norway Enjoy a family-friendly rafting adventure on the Raundalselva River.
  • Experience Winter in Flåm with a Private Guide Discover the winter beauty of Flåm with a private guide.
  • Experience the Voss Gondola and Hangurstoppen with a Private Guide Explore the Voss Gondola and Hangurstoppen with a private guide.
  • E-Bike Rental in Voss Explore Voss and its surroundings with ease using our electric bikes.
  • Cross-Country Skiing in Voss Resort Experience the thrill of cross-country skiing in the scenic Voss Resort.
  • Cultural and Heritage Walk in Voss Immerse yourself in the rich cultural and historical heritage of Voss with a guided walk.
  • Cycling Tour to Stalheimskleiva – Wild Voss Embark on a cycling adventure to the iconic Stalheimskleiva with stunning views of the Nærøydalen Valley.
  • Cycling Tour to Granvin – Wild Voss Explore the picturesque village of Granvin on a cycling tour from Voss.
  • Cycling Tour to Bordalsgjelet – Wild Voss Cycle through scenic landscapes to reach the breathtaking natural attraction of Bordalsgjelet.
  • Cross-Country Skiing Adventure in Voss – Wild Voss Experience the thrill of cross-country skiing in the beautiful winter landscapes of Voss.
  • Cruise and Seafood Tasting in Hardangerfjord – Round Trip from Voss Discover the stunning Hardangerfjord with a cruise and indulge in a seafood tasting experience.
  • Cruise and Cider Tasting in Hardangerfjord – Round Trip from Voss Explore the beauty of Hardangerfjord with a cruise and savor delicious local ciders.
  • Brewery Tour and Tasting in Voss Visit the local breweries of Voss and indulge in a tasting experience.
  • Brewery and Distillery Tour in Voss Explore the brewing and distilling traditions of Voss with a guided tour.
  • Biking Tour to Nærøyfjord – Round Trip from Voss Cycle to the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord on a breathtaking round trip from Voss.
  • Biking Tour to Flåm – Round Trip from Voss Embark on a cycling adventure to the picturesque village of Flåm on a round trip from Voss.
  • Biking Adventure to Stalheimskleiva – Wild Voss Cycle to the iconic Stalheimskleiva, known for its hairpin bends and stunning views.
  • Best of Voss – Round Trip from Bergen Discover the best of Voss on a round trip from Bergen.
  • Bergen – Voss – Gudvangen (Round Trip) Explore the scenic beauty of Bergen, Voss, and Gudvangen on a round trip.
  • Bergen – Voss – Flåm (Round Trip) Experience the stunning landscapes of Bergen, Voss, and Flåm on a round trip.
  • Bergen – Myrkdalen – Voss (Round Trip) Discover the beauty of Bergen, Myrkdalen, and Voss on a round trip.
  • Be a Viking for a Day in Gudvangen – Round Trip from Voss Experience the Viking way of life with a day trip to Gudvangen.
  • Be a Brewer for a Day in Voss Immerse yourself in the art of brewing with a hands-on experience.
  • Bardøla Høyfjellshotell – Winter Wonderland Experience Enjoy a winter wonderland experience at Bardøla Høyfjellshotell.
  • Balholm Cider House and Fjord Cruise – Round Trip from Voss Explore Balholm Cider House and the stunning fjords on a round trip from Voss.
  • Balestrand – Voss – Myrkdalen (Round Trip) Discover the picturesque locations of Balestrand, Voss, and Myrkdalen on a round trip.
  • Aurlandsdalen Valley Hiking Adventure Embark on a hiking adventure through the stunning Aurlandsdalen Valley.
  • Archaeological Tour of Voss Explores the archaeological sites of Voss with a guided tour.
  • Adventure Photography Workshop in Voss Enhance your photography skills with an adventure photography workshop in Voss.
  • Adventure Kayaking in Nærøyfjord – Round Trip from Voss Experience the thrill of kayaking in the UNESCO-listed Nær

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