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Norway Road Trips: Explore the Beauty of the Nordic Land.

Norway Road Trips: Explore the Beauty of the Nordic Land


3 of the Best Norway Road Trips

Posted Apr 05, 2023

Blog author: Johanna Hansen (Verified Expert)

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Norway’s iconic landscapes? Whether it’s a short adventure or an extended exploration, our Norway road trip itineraries are here to guide you.

Best Time for a Norway Road Trip

Plan your road trip during late spring to early autumn for optimal conditions. Winter months may lead to road closures in some areas due to weather conditions.

1. Lofoten Norway Road Trip Adventure – 7 Days

Located within the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten islands offer breathtaking scenery.

Day 1 – Svolvær: Start in the capital, Svolvær, nestled by the coast, offering stunning natural views.

Day 2 – Kabelvag: Explore the beautiful village along the E10 route, surrounded by mountains and coast.

Day 3 – Henningsvær: Visit the fishing village, enjoy a coffee by the harbor, and explore craft shops.

Day 4 – Eggum: Head northwest to the remote Eggum for a connection with nature and potential Northern Lights sightings.

Day 5 – Ballstad: Reach one of the largest fishing villages for activities like kayaking or snorkeling.

Day 6 – Reine: Explore the picturesque fishing village and consider a boat trip for spectacular views.

Day 7 – Å: Conclude your journey in Å, a well-preserved traditional fishing village with breathtaking sights.

Image: Lofoten road trip, Norway

2. Classic Norway Road Trip – 7 Days

Covering top Norwegian sights in a week.

Day 1 – Alesund: Begin in the beautiful entrance to Geirangerfjord, Alesund, with panoramic views.

Day 2 – Geiranger: Venture deeper into natural scenery, take a boat tour, and embrace tranquility.

Day 3 – Loen: Head to the unique village in the Nordfjord region, taking the Loen skylift for stunning views.

Day 4 – Bergen: Explore the charming city surrounded by mountains, known for colorful houses.

Day 5 – Stavanger: Visit the historical city, explore streets, and learn about Norway’s history.

Day 6 – Kristiansand: Reach the south coast city, take a waterfront stroll, and savor delicious cuisine.

Day 7 – Oslo: Conclude the journey in Norway’s capital, appreciating its beauty and liveliness.

Image: Trip around Norway

3. Extended Norway Road Trip – 10 Days

For those with more time to savor Norway’s beauty.

Day 1 – Oslo: Start in the vibrant capital before heading to Preikestolen.

Day 2 – Preikestolen: Hike to Pulpit Rock for panoramic views.

Day 3 – Bergen: Wander the colorful houses and take the Fløibanen Funicular for more stunning views.

Day 4 – Balestrand: Explore the historical village, relax on the beach, and enjoy forest and mountain views.

Day 5 – Geiranger: Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s outstanding natural beauty.

Day 6 – Kristiansund: Visit the densely populated city spread across islands.

Day 7 – Trondheim: Explore the third-largest city with museums, a Gothic cathedral, and a beautiful harbor.

Day 8 – Dombas: Stop at the village for a taste of rural Norwegian life and outdoor activities.

Day 9 – Hafjell and Lillehammer: Enjoy a world-famous ski resort and explore the nearby resort town.

Day 10 – Oslo: Conclude the 10-day extravaganza back in Oslo, appreciating more of the city’s beauty.

Image: Norway road trip itinerary

Make Your Norway Road Trip a Reality!

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