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Beaches, Snow and Mountains near Bergen

Beaches, Snow and Mountains near Bergen.



In the vicinity of Bergen, Norway, several interesting alternatives exist for beach tourism and water-related activities. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Helleneset Beach: About a 20-minute drive from Bergen city centre, Helleneset is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and stunning scenery. You can enjoy activities such as swimming, picnicking, and simply relaxing while overlooking the fjord.
  2. Askøy Island: Just north of Bergen, Askøy Island offers several quiet beaches. You can explore the shores and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. Some popular beaches include Kleppestø and Strusshamn.
  3. Glesvær Beach and Nature Reserve: Located about two hours northwest of Bergen, Glesvær features a picturesque beach and a nature reserve. In addition to enjoying the sun and sea, you can explore marine life and birdwatch in the reserve.
  4. Solheimsviken Beach: Situated near the center of Bergen, Solheimsviken Beach is a pleasant spot to enjoy good weather and fjord views. You can take a stroll along the water or simply relax in the sand.
  5. Swimming in Lake Lysevannet: While not a beach, Lake Lysevannet, about a two-hour drive east of Bergen, offers crystal-clear waters for swimming. It’s a popular spot for locals during the warmer months.

Keep in mind that due to Bergen’s location, water temperatures can be cool even in summer, so you might want to bring cold-resistant swimwear. Additionally, it’s always advisable to check weather conditions before planning beach activities.
What can you do now with Snow activities?

Certainly! If you’re interested in snow activities near Bergen, Norway, here are some recommendations:

  1. Skiing at Ulriken: Ulriken, one of Bergen’s iconic mountains, offers skiing opportunities during the winter months. With breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, you can enjoy both downhill and cross-country skiing.
  2. Cross-Country Skiing in Fløyen: Fløyen is another popular mountain in Bergen known for its funicular. In winter, the trails around Fløyen become great for cross-country skiing. It’s a fantastic way to explore the snowy landscapes.
  3. Sledging in Mount Fløyen: Take a sledge or toboggan to Mount Fløyen and enjoy some thrilling sledging down the snowy slopes. It’s a family-friendly activity with a touch of adventure.
  4. Snowshoeing in Vidden: The Vidden trail, connecting Ulriken and Fløyen, is a beautiful location for snowshoeing. Strap on some snowshoes and explore the snow-covered expanses with panoramic views.
  5. Ice Skating in Downtown Bergen: During the winter, Bergen sets up outdoor ice skating rinks in the city centre. Skating in the heart of Bergen, surrounded by winter decorations, can be a magical experience.
  6. Winter Hiking in Mount Løvstakken: Løvstakken offers excellent winter hiking opportunities. With snow-covered trails, you can embark on a winter hike to enjoy the serene beauty of the snowy landscape.
  7. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides: Experience the winter wonderland with a horse-drawn sleigh ride. This enchanting activity is often available in certain areas around Bergen during the winter season.

Remember to check local conditions and weather forecasts before engaging in snow activities, and ensure you have the appropriate gear for each activity. Winter in Bergen can be a magical time, offering a variety of experiences for snow enthusiasts.


And now with Mountains

Certainly! If you’re interested in mountain activities near Bergen, Norway, here are some recommendations:

  1. Hiking in Mount Fløyen: Fløyen is a popular mountain near Bergen, and hiking to its summit provides stunning panoramic views of the city and surrounding fjords. There’s a well-maintained trail, or you can take the funicular for a part of the journey.
  2. Climbing Mount Ulriken: Mount Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. You can hike to the summit for breathtaking views or take the cable car for a more leisurely ascent. In winter, Ulriken also offers skiing opportunities.
  3. Mount Løvstakken Hike: Løvstakken is another great mountain for hiking. The trail takes you through forests and rocky terrain, culminating in a rewarding view of Bergen and its surroundings.
  4. Stoltzekleiven Stairs: Although not a mountain, the Stoltzekleiven trail is a steep set of stairs leading to the top of Sandviksfjellet. It’s a challenging but rewarding climb, offering excellent views of Bergen.
  5. Hardangerjøkulen Glacier Expedition: For a more advanced mountain adventure, consider taking a trip to the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier, not far from Bergen. Guided tours are available for those interested in glacier hiking and exploration.
  6. Via Ferrata in Bergen: Try the Via Ferrata (iron path) experience on Mount Ulriken for a thrilling climb along the rock face. It’s a guided activity suitable for those looking for an adrenaline rush.
  7. Mountain Biking in Kvamskogen: Explore the mountainous terrain around Bergen on a mountain bike. Kvamskogen, situated northeast of Bergen, offers trails suitable for various skill levels.
  8. Fjord Tours from Mount Floyen: Combine mountain views with fjord exploration. Take a guided tour from Mount Fløyen that includes a scenic journey through the fjords surrounding Bergen.

Hiking west coast Norway

Remember to choose activities that match your skill level, and always check current weather and trail conditions before heading out. Whether you prefer hiking, climbing, or exploring glaciers, Bergen’s mountainous landscape has something to offer for every adventurer.

The west-middle part of Norway is known for its stunning landscapes, including majestic fjords, towering mountains, and beautiful hiking trails. Here are some notable hiking destinations in this region:

  1. Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue): Located in Odda, the Trolltunga hike is famous for its iconic rock formation that juts out over Lake Ringedalsvatnet. The trail is challenging but offers breathtaking views of the surrounding fjords.
  2. Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock): Situated near Stavanger, the Preikestolen hike takes you to a flat plateau with a sheer cliff drop, providing incredible views over Lysefjord. It’s a popular and relatively accessible hike.
  3. Kjeragbolten: Also near Lysefjord, the Kjeragbolten hike leads to a massive boulder wedged between two cliffs. The trail is demanding, but the reward is a unique photo opportunity and stunning vistas.
  4. Romsdalseggen Ridge: In Åndalsnes, the Romsdalseggen Ridge hike offers panoramic views of the Romsdalsfjord and surrounding peaks. It’s a challenging but rewarding trail that takes you through diverse terrain.
  5. Hiking in Geiranger: The Geirangerfjord area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers various hiking trails with breathtaking views of the fjord and surrounding mountains. The Seven Sisters Waterfall is a notable feature.
  6. Buarbreen Glacier Hike: Near Odda, the Buarbreen Glacier hike takes you to the base of the glacier. It’s a moderate trek suitable for those looking to experience a glacial environment.
  7. Hodnabergsvatnet Circuit: Located in the Sunnmøre region, this hike provides beautiful views of Hodnabergsvatnet Lake and the surrounding mountains. The trail is well-marked and suitable for different skill levels.
  8. Skåla: Skåla is a prominent mountain in the Hjørundfjord area. The hike to the summit offers spectacular views of the fjord and surrounding peaks. You can also stay in the historic Skålabu cabin.

Remember to check trail conditions, and weather forecasts, and prepare accordingly before embarking on any hike. The west-middle part of Norway offers a plethora of hiking opportunities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.


Bergen map from the airport.

Trolltunga summer view (Norway) and man on rocks edge.

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