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Activities to do in Norway in your stops with the camper

Certainly! Let’s explore more details about various outdoor activities in Norway:

Mountain Biking:

  1. Gudbrandsdalen Valley:
    • Description: Traverse the scenic Gudbrandsdalen Valley, offering diverse mountain biking trails through forests, along rivers, and with stunning mountain backdrops.
    • Highlights: Varied terrain; picturesque views of Gudbrandsdalslågen River.
  2. Dovrefjell National Park:
    • Description: Mountain biking in Dovrefjell provides an adventurous journey through alpine landscapes, showcasing Norway’s unique flora and fauna.
    • Highlights: Encounter wild reindeer; enjoy challenging mountain trails.
  3. Kongsberg Forest:
    • Description: Explore the wooded trails of Kongsberg, perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking both technical challenges and scenic beauty.
    • Highlights: Diverse forest landscapes; thrilling biking routes.

Rock Climbing:

  1. Romsdalen National Park:
    • Description: Romsdalen is a rock climber’s paradise, offering towering cliffs and challenging routes amidst stunning fjord and mountain scenery.
    • Highlights: Vertical rock faces; panoramic views of the Rauma River.
  2. Kjerag in the Lysefjord:
    • Description: Experience adrenaline-pumping rock climbing at Kjerag, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and overlooking the deep waters of Lysefjord.
    • Highlights: Kjeragbolten; sheer rock walls.
  3. Setesdal Valley:
    • Description: Setesdal Valley provides a tranquil setting for rock climbers, with a variety of climbing routes catering to different skill levels.
    • Highlights: Lush valley surroundings; challenging rock formations.


  1. Unstad, Lofoten Islands:
    • Description: Unstad is a surfing haven with consistent waves and a vibrant surf culture. Embrace the cold-water surf experience in the stunning Lofoten archipelago.
    • Highlights: Reliable surf conditions; breathtaking coastal scenery.
  2. Hoddevika, on the West Coast:
    • Description: Hoddevika, a remote beach, is a gem for surfers seeking challenging waves and an untouched coastal environment.
    • Highlights: Secluded beach setting; excellent surf conditions.
  3. Lista, near Stavanger:
    • Description: Lista provides an ideal mix of surf and coastal exploration, with expansive beaches and reliable surf conditions.
    • Highlights: Extensive sandy beaches; opportunities for coastal adventures.


  1. Lofoten Islands:
    • Description: Explore the underwater wonders around the Lofoten Islands, known for their clear waters and diverse marine life.
    • Highlights: Vibrant coral reefs; underwater caves.
  2. Nærøy Fjord:
    • Description: Dive into the depths of Nærøy Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a unique underwater perspective of its dramatic landscapes.
    • Highlights: Deep fjord waters; submerged rock formations.
  3. Svalbard Islands:
    • Description: Dive in the Arctic waters surrounding Svalbard to witness the unique marine life and stunning ice formations beneath the surface.
    • Highlights: Arctic diving experience; encounters with seals and polar bears.


  1. Lofoten Islands:
    • Description: Lofoten’s crystal-clear waters provide an excellent opportunity for snorkelling, allowing you to witness the rich marine life and underwater ecosystems.
    • Highlights: Colorful sea life; kelp forests.
  2. Vesterålen Islands:
    • Description: Snorkel in the pristine waters around the Vesterålen Islands, known for their diverse marine habitats and coastal beauty.
    • Highlights: Underwater kelp forests; encounters with marine creatures.
  3. Geiranger Fjord:
    • Description: Explore the underwater world of Geiranger Fjord through snorkelling, revealing the hidden beauty beneath the fjord’s surface.
    • Highlights: Clear fjord waters; submerged rock formations.

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