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Around Bergen, the entrance of the fjords

Around Bergen, the entrance of the fjords

1.Øygarden – Untamed, Scenic, and Watery Wonders

In Øygarden, immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of nature, encounter thrilling wildlife, and witness the area’s profound cultural legacy. This locale is a treasure trove for enthusiasts of World War II history.

The North Sea Traffic Museum unravels the tales of one of the most renowned World War II battles, culminating in the Telavåg tragedy.

Norgesferie Vestlandet – North Sea Traffic Museum, Telavåg – War Museum ![Image](Link to Image)

Explore the tunnels constructed by the Germans at Fjell Festning in Øygarden.

Keep an eye out for majestic sea eagles; they’re just one of the 236 bird species thriving in this captivating coastal landscape, making Øygarden a premier destination for birdwatching.

Norgesferie on the West Coast – Øygarden Visit Bergen / Robin Strand –

Located just outside Bergen, Øygarden extends quite far. A drive from Bergen’s city center to Øygarden’s outermost point takes approximately one hour, or you can opt for a scenic bus journey.


Norgesferie Vestlandet - Nordsjøfartmuseet
Photo: North Sea Traffic Museum, Telavåg – War Museum

Gulen – Gateway to the Sognefjord

Gulen, a 2-hour drive or boat ride from Bergen, boasts historical significance at Gulatinget, the largest parliamentary assembly site in the Viking Age.

Norgesferie on the West Coast – Skjerjehamn Photo from Skjerjehamn: Visit Bergen / Linn Kjos Falkenberg

Visit Skjerjehamn, an island with an inn since 1641, retaining its 19th-century charm. Explore the nearby statue of King Olav and unravel the Viking heritage at this

Tysnes – Amidst the Sea and the Hardangerfjord

Tysnes isn’t just one island; it’s a collection of islands spanning 255 square kilometers. Facing the sea on the west, discover boulders and heather moors, while the landscape transforms into towering mountains and expansive forests toward the Hardangerfjord in the east.

To reach Tysnes from Bergen, take a ferry from Halhjem (the same departure point as the ferry to Sandvikvåg on Stord), approximately a 35-40 minute drive from Bergen’s city center. The ferry docks at Våge on Tysnes.

Indulge in delightful culinary experiences at Mandelhuset in Våge, where local ingredients form the basis of their mouthwatering dishes.

Norgesferie on the West Coast – Tysnes near Bergen Mandelhuset. Photo: Øystein Vaage / Tysnesfest

During spring and summer, visit Myrdal Gård, a small farm producing world-class cheese. Embark on a hike up Tysnessåto for breathtaking views at 751 meters above sea level.

Myrdal Gård Photo: Myrdal Gård

Spend the night at the picturesque Haaheim Gard, situated 170 meters above sea level, not far from Våge.

Each July, Våge hosts the Tysnesfest, a popular music festival featuring activities for all ages, a food market, and various stages with both local and international artists.

Norgesferie on the West Coast – Tysnesfest From the annual Tysnesfest in July. Photo: Øystein Vaage / Tysnesfest

Norgesferie på Vestlandet - Øygarden

Austevoll – The Archipelago of 667 Islands and Islets

Nestled between Bergen and Stord, Austevoll offers both sea and land-based nature experiences. Explore small villages like Storebø and Bekkjarvik, with a boat ride from Strandkai terminal in Bergen to Bekkjarvik or a car ferry from Krokeide to Hufthamar.

For a unique stay, visit Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Hotel & Suites, located right by the harbor. The family-run guest house, built in the late 17th century, is renowned for its restaurant, led by former Bocuse d’Or winner Ørjan Johannessen.

Norgesferie on the West Coast – Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Hotel & Suites in Austevoll. Photo: Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

Austevoll, with its 667 islands, is perfect for cycling, offering well-connected islands with scenic routes. Rent a bike in Bekkjarvik or Bakkasund if you don’t have your own.

Norgesferie på Vestlandet - Tysnes utenfor BergenMandelhuset. Phtoto: Øystein Vaage / Tysnesfest

During spring and summer you can visit Myrdal Gård. A small farm that produces world-class cheese from goat and cow milk. Here you can meet the animals, buy local produce in the farm shop and eat in the restaurant. The farm is located at the foot of Tysnes’ highest mountain, Tysnessåto. The steep hike to the top of Tysnessåto and back down takes around one and a half hours and offers a lovely view at 751 meters above sea level.

Myrdal GårdFoto: Myrdal Gård.

Spend the night at the beautiful Haaheim Gard, located 170 meters above sea level, not far from Våge. The hotel has 21 roms and 1500 meter with garden paths, perfect for recreation and relaxation.

Every year in July the festival Tysnesfest is held in the center of Våge. A popular music festival that also includes activities for children and families, food market and of course various small and larges stages with artists from Norway and abroad.

Norgesferie Vestlandet - TysnesfestFrom the festival Tysnesfest, held annualy in July. Photo: Øystein Vaage / Tysnesfest

Osterøy – Fusion of Fjord and Mountains

Osterøy, an inland island just half an hour’s drive from Bergen, boasts beautiful fjords and towering mountains. Experienced hikers can conquer Bruviknipa for panoramic views at 822 meters above sea level, while Kossdalsvingane offers a family-friendly hike with 17 hairpin bends.

For a taste of local culture, explore Mjøsvågen’s historic buildings, housing a coffin workshop, smithy, clog factory, metal foundry, and a furniture factory.

Mjøsvågen on Osterøy Mjøsvågen on Osterøy. Photo: visitOsteroy

Visit Osterøy Museum, an open-air museum with structures dating back to the 17th century, and Havrå, a farm and museum with a history reaching the Bronze Age.

Fjordslottet Hotell is an ideal overnight spot, blending history and comfort since 1851.


3. Austevoll – the archipelago with 667 islands and islets

Austevoll is located between Bergen and Stord, and known for both sea- and land-based nature experiences. There are several small villages in Austevoll, Storebø and Bekkjarvik are the most popular. You can take a boat from the Strandkai terminal in the center of Bergen to Bekkjarvik. The route is operated by Norled. If you want to go by car, you can take the ferry from Krokeide to Hufthamar. The drive from the city centre to Krokeide takes around 30 minutes.

If you travel to Bekkjarvik, you should visit Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Hotel & Suites, which is idyllically located right down by the harbor. Norgesferie Vestlandet - Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri
Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri Hotel & Suites in Austevoll. Foto: Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

The guest house was built as early as the end of the 17th century and has since catered to guests from near and far. The guest house is family run and still offers accommodation, but is perhaps even better known for its restaurant. Former Bocuse d’Or winner Ørjan Johannessen is the son of the owners, and together with his brother Arnt creates high-quality culinary experiences.

From Bekkjarvik you can also go fishing in the outer archipelago. Maybe you can enjoy your own catch in the restaurant in the evening? If you want to explore the islands in Austevoll you can hop on the local boat MS Tjelden (operated by Norled). You can go on a round trip, or hop on and off along the way, exploring the islands. (PS: Be sure to check the timetables before heading off!)

Austevoll is also great for cycling since the largest islands have been connected by bridges. Good roads, little traffic and beautiful nature make the bike ride a memorable experience. If you do not have your own bike, you can rent in Bekkjarvik or Bakkasund.

4. Osterøy – where fjord and mountains meet

Osterøy is an inland island half an hour’s drive from Bergen. The island is surrounded by beautiful fjords on all sides, but is also known for its high mountains, ready to be ascended.

If you are an experienced hiker, Bruviknipa is the natural choice. From the mountain top, 822 meters above sea level, you get a great view of the fjord landscape. But there are also many hikes in slightly easier terrain. The hike up Kossdalsvingane takes you up 17 hairpin bends and is well suited for the whole family.

Tur til Kossdalssvingane på Osterøy
Kossdalssvingane at Osterøy. Photo: visitOsteroy 

When visiting Osterøy make sure to experience the local culture. In Mjøsvågen, you will find remnants of the island’s old craft tradition, such as a coffin workshop, a smithy, a clog factory, a metal foundry and a furniture factory. The buildings have been given new life, so visitors can combine a visit to a café, gallery or a country store with a tour of the historic buildings in the summer.

Mjøsvågen på Osterøy
Mjøsvågen på Osterøy. Foto: visitOsteroy 

You should also visit Osterøy Museum, an open-air museum with buildings dating back to the 17th century, and Havrå, a farm and museum with a history dating back to the Bronze Age. (All visitors must book a ticket in advance).

You need more than just one day to experience everything Osterøy has to offer. Fjordslottet Hotell is the perfect place to stay overnight. The history of Fjordslottet dates back to 1851 when the Bergen merchant Carl Joacim Hambro started Fotlandsvåg Bomuldspinnerie (cotton mill), and built a mansion which in modern times has been converted into a hotel.

5.Fedje – A Village in the Ocean

Fedje, a small island municipality on Western Hordaland’s outermost coast, charms with a population of just 600. Accessible with a 2-hour drive northwest of Bergen and a 40-minute ferry ride, Fedje offers a serene coastal haven.

Norgesferie on the West Coast – Fedje Fedje Church. Photo: Visit Bergen / –

Explore lush coastal heaths on hikes, reveling in diverse flora and breathtaking views. With a slow-paced life, Fedje is an idyllic retreat for coastal living.

Despite its size, Fedje offers various accommodations, including the historic Hellisøy lighthouse, where you can spend the night in the lighthouse keeper’s residence.

Norgesferie Vestlandet - Fedje
Fedje Church. Photo: Visit Bergen / –

Fedje is located about 2 hours drive northwest of Bergen, including a ferry ride of around 40 minutes at the very end.

Fedje is a natural place for coastal nature experiences. On a hike along the paths in the coastal heaths, you will experience a lush flora and fantastic views of the waves that wash in from the Atlantic Ocean. There is also a rich wildlife on the island. The harbor area is also well worth a visit. Life moves a little slower on Fedje, the perfect place to relax and just enjoy the good coastal life.

Even though only 600 people live on Fedje, the island offers several options of accommodation. Hellisøy lighthouse, a protected lighthouse from 1855, is an experience in itself. The lighthouse is located on a separate island, and it is possible to spend the night in the lighthouse keeper’s residence.

6. Modalen – Unspoiled Nature

Measured by population, Modalen is Norway’s second-smallest municipality, yet its experiences rank high. Just 1 hour and 25 minutes drive from Bergen, Modalen offers a popular fjord cruise to Mo through Mostraumen, navigating through the 27-kilometer-long Osterfjord.

Fjordcruise Bergen – Mostraumen on Norgesferie on the West Coast From the tour «Fjordcruise Bergen – Mostraumen». Photo: Visit Bergen

Hike to Slottet, often called Preikestolen in miniature, and explore Stølsheimen, a landscape spanning from Nordhordland to Sogn and Voss.

Ta Fjordcruise Bergen - Mostraumen på Norgesferie på Vestlandet
From the tour «Fjordcruise Bergen – Mostraumen». Photo: Visit Bergen

In Modalen you can also go hiking in the mountains. The best known is the hike to the block of rock called Slottet (the castle), which towers vertically 200 meters above the Mofjord. Slottet is often called Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) in miniature. You can combine both the cruise and the hike by joining Norway Mountain Guides on their tour called «Fjord cruise & guided mountain hike to Slottet»Fjelltur til Slottet på Norgesferie på Vestlandet
Hike to Slottet. Photo: Nese Media

The hike is relatively easy, but offers an airy experience with magnificent views at the top. If you want to explore the mountains at your own leisure you can use Modalen as a starting point for hikes into Stølsheimen, a landscape that stretches from Nordhordland to Sogn in the north and Voss in the east. The hike up to «the roof of Modalen» to Skavlab (a self-service cabin at 960 meters above sea level, operated by the Norwegian Tourist Association) is one of many exciting hikes in Stølsheimen.

 7. Gulen – at the start of the Sognefjord

Gulen is around 2 hours drive from Bergen, but can also be reached by boat from Bergen (the route is operated by Norled).

If you are going to visit Gulen, you should stop by Gulatinget, the site of the largest parliamentary assembly in the Viking Age in Norway from 900 to 1300. The Vikings came to Gulatinget to pass laws, judge cases and discuss political issues. Now you can come here, a thousand years later, and learn more about the Vikings, their laws and how the gatherings in parliament laid the foundation for society as we know it today.

You can travel to Gulen from Bergen on a day trip, but there are also several places to stay overnight. The old trading place Skjerjehamn is idyllically located on a small island close to where the Sognefjord starts. At Skjerjehamn, there has been an inn since 1641 and the interior still retains the original character from the 19th century. Nearby you will find the majestic and much talked about (in Norway at least) status of King Olav.

Norgesferie Vestlandet - skjerjehamn
Photo from Skjerjehamn: Visit Bergen / Linn Kjos Falkenberg

To travel around in the Bergen region, you can drive your own car or take public transport. Timetables are available at More road trip suggestions from Bergen can be found here.

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