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Terms and conditions



Please be aware that when you book with us, you automatically receive an email with the contract and it is accepted. It is very important that you read it carefully and if you do not agree with it, contact us to cancel.

By virtue of this lease contract, the aforementioned vehicle stipulates the

following conditions:

1.- The vehicle is delivered with at least 200 km autonomy in case you are renting electric, or the full fuel tank/ (in case that you are renting diesel), the lessor must return it with the same amount. In case of not returning the vehicle with this amount of fuel, a VISA charge will be made or the amount contributed will be withheld from bail, the amount equivalent to the fuel that will be missing. We will charge 20 euros extra if the van is not returned with at least the same amount of battery/fuel. Please take a picture if you find that you get a car with less than 200 km and send it to us.

2.- The validity of the rental contract is established in the contract stipulated on the website. A maximum daily mileage of 200 km/day is established,(we will make the average of the total of days) the price being of the additional km of € 0,3 / km (annex1). The vehicle marker indicates a reading of________ km (CVB will take a picture with the km ) if you want to have proof of it, you have to send us a picture with the km the day and you do the pickup and also in the drop off to the delivery and making available to the tenant. Delivery of the vehicle

after the stipulated date or the excess of kilometers/day, will have an additional charge in

Annex I in the table of extraordinary services.

3.- The rental price is established in Avaibook, we have to follow what is stipulated there. A deposit of €500 will be charged at the same time that the rest of the booking and will be held for 30 days to prevent possible traffic and parking fines. The deposit will be returned after checking the correct internal and external condition of the vehicle and taking into account compliance with the conditions described in this contract. and its annexes. The return of the deposit will carry out a charge of 10 euros for commissions.

4.- Exclusive use for the purpose that has been leased, declaring the tenant to have been informed about the particularities of the vehicle than are on our website.

5.- The present contract is governed by the general and particular conditions reflected in the

same. The tenant declares having read and understood these conditions and agrees to sign the terms of this contract.

6.- The vehicle is collected at the specified point on the website by prior agreement of the parties, and will be returned after 10 o’clock in the morning of the end of the contract we arranged with Campervan Bergen AS, another delivery at the airport could be agreed upon with the consensus of the parties, either by email or WhatsApp. The failure or modification of this time and place will result in penalties or services for extraordinary items whose additional cost will be 50 euros for a delay of 2 hours and 100 euros for more than 2 hours.

7.-The company will make a charge of 100 euros for tolls or 200 for longer bookings (more than 7 days), and other travel expenses. This amount will be retained as a pre-qualification, which will only be charged for the amount that appears in the documentation (which will be sent if the client requires it) of the tolls. They will be charged also 5 euros of administration toll fee.

8.- In the event of non-payment of the price provided for in this contract in the terms stipulated above, said the contract will be understood to be terminated, in which case the vehicle will not be delivered and the amounts previously charged will not be refunded.

9. In case of damage or puncture in a tire, the customer will take care of the expenses, this expense is not included in the insurance. The customer can decide whether to fix the wheel by themselves or the charge will be passed through Campervan Bergen AS/Elcampervan AS, the same way if the car suffers any kind of need of reparation during the renting period, Campervan Bergen AS/Elcampervan AS is not obligated to compensate for any expenses during these days of reparation or after the booking. The client has 24 hours to go back to the company from the beginning of the booking if something is not working. The company will try to replace the van, if it is not available, the client has to decide if continue with the booking or not.

Use of the vehicle


The lessee receives the vehicle described above, in perfect condition, for rent the operation, with all the documents, tires, tools, and accessories, and commits to keep them and drive the vehicle according to the rules of the Code of Circulation. Being expressly prohibited:

-Driving the vehicle by unauthorized persons in the contract.

-Transporting people or goods when this explicitly implies the subletting of the vehicle.

-Transporting people or goods without obtaining administrative authorization, required by the legal system. In case of default, the tenant will be responsible for the sanctions that could be imposed on the landlord for the Administration.

-Driving the vehicle at the disadvantage of physical conditions, caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue, or illness.

-Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles.

-Having the vehicle badly parked or poorly guarded when it was not used.

-Transit outside the national road network or any unsuitable land, remaining expressly excluded from the insurance coverage the damages in the

vehicle or mechanical components that are damaged as a result of bad conduction, as well as the damages produced by the circulation of restricted areas of the road network.

-Do not stop the vehicle as soon as possible, when any witness or alarm indicates an anomaly in the operation of the vehicle or is detected by the

tenant, having to contact the landlord so that this arranges convenient or with the insurance assistance company. None will be paid for repair or assistance other than that provided without prior authorization from the lessor.

-Driving the vehicle to another country without having communicated it to the landlord at the time to formalize the contract or later, without Campervan Bergen granting its consent by any means of which it is recorded.

-Carry out extreme or demanding sports driving that causes wear premature or anomalous elements of the vehicle that does not correspond to the kilometers and that it has its origin in an excess of demand on the part of the lessor.

Vary any technical characteristics of the vehicle, the equipment keys, the tools, and/or accessories. In the case of a breach of this article the tenant

must bear the costs, duly justified, of reconditioning the vehicle to its original state, as well as paying an amount in the concept of immobilization of the vehicle.

Assign, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell, or any other form of giving in the guarantee.

Transporting children under three years of age or over three years of age who do not exceed one height of 150 centimeters without using the corresponding retention device compulsory homologated according to the weight and size of the child.


The lessee will return the rented vehicle along with all your documents, keys tires, tools, and accessories, in the place and date stipulated in the contract.

Any alteration must be previously authorized in writing by the landlord. The breach of this condition empowers the lessor to judicially require the

return of the vehicle and charge on the customer’s credit card service fees for extraordinary items set out in Annex 1.


The tenant agrees to pay the landlord:

The exceptional services that you hire, use, or incur according to Annex I. application of the initially agreed rate is suspended for the refund to be


Charges caused by the loss of vehicle documentation, as well as the loss of tires, tools, accessories, etc.

The costs of repairing the damage caused to the vehicle, in the event of an accident, when the following circumstances occur:

 1.- That the vehicle was not used in accordance with the established conditions.

 2.- That the accident part had not been completed within the indicated period or that did not conform to the reality of the facts produced.

Fines and legal expenses due to traffic infractions or violation of the laws, by the tenant.

In case of wrong refueling, the customer will pay all the expenses incurred (crane, emptying the tank, etc.)

Exceptional cleaning or repair of upholstery. It will be understood to those produced by chewing gums, resins, acids, oils, inks, and whenever they require the use of products specifically not usual, understanding as usual water, soap, and cleaners conventional. The cost of this cleaning will be governed as indicated in Annex I.

4.- FUEL/battery.

The vehicle will always be delivered with a full tank/battery.


In case of an accident, the lessee commits to:

-Obtain the complete information of the opposing party and possible witnesses, filling in an accident report, which will be sent to the lessor, within a period of 48 hours after producing it.

-Do not abandon the rented vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it.

Immediately notify the landlord of the fact.


The landlord declares to have taken the necessary precautions to avoid mechanical failures of the rented vehicle, but in the case of these, it assumes no

responsibility for the damages that could directly or indirectly be caused to the tenant, as a result of said failures or breakdowns.


The tenant by signing this contract authorizes Campervan Bergen AS/Elcampervan AS to load on your credit card how many amounts you have agreed to or will be left pending termination of the contract or for payment of rent, damage caused not covered by the insurance, or any other charge attributable to the tenant, informing him of the breakdown of the charges.


The rental contract includes a roadside assistance service.



The lessee may request the landlord to transport the vehicle to an address different from the usual one, as well as for its collection. This service should be requested together with the lease of the vehicle, the lessee can not demand his hiring later without the consent of the lessor and payment of the service.


The tenant and driver must have the following requirements:

Driving license in force

Be over 24 years old and 2 years old.

Provide an ID card, residence card, or passport with a valid address or failing direct debit in the name of the owner.

 The drivers declared in the contract will be the only ones authorized to circulate with the vehicle.


We inform you that your personal data will be processed in a client file responsibility of CAMPERVAN BERGEN AS. The processing of your data is necessary for the development of the commercial relationship that binds us and may be the object of assignments of mandatory compliance according to current regulations.

12. THE GUEST IS RECOMMENDED TO MAKE A VIDEO OR PHOTOS OF THE VEHICLE IN THEIR OUTSIDE BEFORE TAKING IT IN RENTAL. In case the vehicle is returned with a bump or scratch, it will serve as proof.



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