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Campings around Bergen

Finding specific campgrounds around the fjords near Bergen requires detailed local information.


As of my last update in January 2022, there may not be a comprehensive list available. However, I can guide you on how to find suitable camping sites:

  1. Online Camping Directories:
    • Use online camping directories such as Camping.info, Pitchup.com, or Eurocampings.net. You can filter by location and read reviews from other campers.
  2. Visit Norway’s Official Website:
    • Check Visit Norway’s official website or contact the local tourism office for information on campgrounds. They often have comprehensive lists and recommendations.
  3. National Tourist Routes:
    • Norway has designated National Tourist Routes, some of which pass through the fjord areas. Information centers along these routes may have camping suggestions.
  4. Apps for Camping:
    • Utilize camping apps like Campercontact, Park4Night, or iOverlander. These apps often provide user-generated information about campsites.
  5. Local Knowledge:
    • Reach out to locals through online forums or social media groups. Residents and experienced travelers may have valuable insights into hidden gems.
  6. Google Maps:
    • Search for campsites using Google Maps. You can look for symbols indicating camping areas, and user reviews might provide additional information.
  7. Campground Chains:
    • Check if there are any major campground chains in the area, such as NAF Camp or others, and explore their offerings.

Before setting out, it’s crucial to consider the following:

  • Permits and Regulations: Ensure you are aware of any permits required for camping and adhere to local regulations.
  • Seasonal Variations: Some campsites may be seasonal, so check for availability based on your travel dates.
  • Facilities: Consider the facilities provided by the campgrounds, such as toilets, showers, electricity, etc.
  • Booking: Some popular campsites may require advance booking, especially during peak seasons.

Always confirm the latest information and conditions, as things might have changed since my last update in January 2022.


Camping stands out as a popular and cost-effective accommodation choice in Norway, and Bergen stands out with an array of campsites conveniently located within a 15-20 kilometer radius of the city center. What enhances the allure of these campsites is the availability of rental cabins, adding a touch of comfort to the camping experience.

Tailored for the needs of travelers on the go, camping in Bergen seamlessly combines flexibility with a close connection to nature. Regardless of whether you’re traversing the landscapes with a caravan or setting up a tent, the campsites ensure access to essential facilities such as water, toilets, electricity, and showers, all at a reasonable cost.

Within the Bergen region, you’ll encounter campsites that cater to diverse budgets, offering a range of sizes and standards. From luxurious sites boasting shops, kiosks, and restaurants to those providing only the most basic amenities, there’s a camping option for every preference. Moreover, accessing these campsites is made convenient with regular bus routes, and if you possess the Bergen Card, you can even enjoy complimentary bus and Bergen Light Rail travel.

Tailor Your Experience to Your Preferences:

While caravans and tents represent the traditional camping experience, Bergen’s campsites broaden the choices by presenting cabin rentals. These cabins vary from cosy huts designed for 1-2 persons to spacious accommodations capable of hosting 5-10 persons.

Certain cabins go the extra mile, featuring fully equipped kitchens, toilets, and living rooms adorned with satellite TV and comfortable sofas. Surprisingly, the cost of these cabin rentals remains budget-friendly when compared to various other accommodation alternatives.

Optimal Parking Solutions for Motorhomes, Campervans, or Caravans:

For those specifically seeking secure parking spaces for their caravan, these recommended locations offer a fitting solution, enhancing the overall camping experience in Bergen.


  1. Bergen Camping Park
    • Location: Travparkvegen 65, 5111 Breistein
    • Distance to City Centre: 10 km
    • Distance from Airport: 23 km
    • Facilities: Big camping with 29 cabins and 13 rooms. Chemical toilet dumping station, playground, hiking trails, fast-food/kiosk, and facilities for shower, laundry, and cooking.
    • Price: NOK 170.00
  2. Bratland Camping
    • Location: Bratlandsveien 6, 5268 Haukeland
    • Distance to City Centre: 7 km
    • Distance from Airport: 13 km
    • Facilities: Tents/caravans, 24 camping cabins, camping rooms (two-beds). Modern conveniences. Washing facilities. Kitchen, TV lounge, and kiosk.
    • Price: NOK 130.00
  3. Bruvoll Camping & Cabins
    • Location: 5956 HUNDVIN
    • Distance to City Centre: 31 km
    • Distance from Airport: 42 km
    • Facilities: Cottages in various standards, campsites, and camp areas for caravans half an hour from Bergen city centre.
    • Price: NOK 150.00
  4. Hille Glamping
    • Location: Hille 5, 5978 Mjømna
    • Distance to City Centre: 70 km
    • Distance from Airport: 79 km
    • Facilities: Experience a luxurious stay on the island of Hille outside Bergen.
    • Price: NOK 3,990.00
  5. Lone Camping
    • Location: Hardangerveien 697, 5268 Haukeland
    • Distance to City Centre: 7 km
    • Distance from Airport: 15 km
    • Facilities: Beautifully situated 25 minutes drive from Bergen. Camper van/caravan pitches, tent pitches, cabins, canoe hire, TV-lounge, billiard table.
    • Price: NOK 230.00
  6. Midttun Motell & Camping
    • Location: Midttunheia 3, 5224 Nesttun
    • Distance to City Centre: 8 km
    • Distance from Airport: 8 km
    • Facilities: Motel rooms, cabins, places for tents, camping wagons, and campers. All rooms with toilet/shower and kitchen. TV room, sauna, laundry, and cafeteria.
  7. Campervan parking at Bergenshallen
    • Location: Vilhelm Bjerknes’ vei 24, 5081 Bergen
    • Distance to City Centre: 4 km
    • Distance from Airport: 10 km
    • Facilities: Self-service motorhome parking. Parking tickets are purchased from vending machines on site. It is not possible to book in advance.
    • Price: NOK 300.00
  8. Motorhome parking at Fjordline terminal (daytime only)
    • Location: Nøstegaten 30, 5010 Bergen
    • Distance to City Centre: 0 km
    • Distance from Airport: 11 km
    • Facilities: Motorhome parking is available at Fjordline terminal, 10 minutes walk from the centre of Bergen.
    • Price: NOK 250.00
  9. Solneset Gård (Farm)
    • Location: Unnelandsvegen 320, 5268 Haukeland
    • Distance to City Centre: 9 km
    • Distance from Airport: 16 km
    • Facilities: A cozy, laid-back luxury stay between mountains and a picturesque lake. Suitable for individuals, couples, friends, families, and group events.


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