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Fjord in West Coast Norway and waterfalls.

Fjord in West Coast Norway



Camping in Hardangerfjord, Norway can be a truly magical experience, surrounded by stunning landscapes, fjords, waterfalls, and mountains. Here are some tips for camping in the Hardangerfjord region:

  1. Choose Your Campsite:
    • There are several campsites around Hardangerfjord, offering different amenities and locations. Some are located right by the fjord, while others may be situated in more wooded areas. Research and choose a campsite that suits your preferences.
  2. Camping Regulations:
    • Familiarize yourself with Norway’s camping regulations. In Norway, the right to access and camp in nature is protected by law, but there are rules to follow, such as respecting private property and keeping a reasonable distance from buildings.
  3. Weather Considerations:
    • Be prepared for variable weather conditions. Norway’s weather can be unpredictable, even in the summer. Pack layers, waterproof clothing, and a good quality tent to stay comfortable in various weather situations.
  4. Equipment:
    • Ensure you have all the necessary camping equipment, including a reliable tent, sleeping bag suitable for the temperatures, cooking equipment, and adequate food supplies.
  5. Explore the Area:
    • Hardangerfjord offers numerous outdoor activities. Take advantage of the hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and scenic viewpoints. The region is also known for its fruit orchards, so don’t miss the chance to taste local produce.
  6. Respect Nature:
    • Follow the principles of Leave No Trace. Respect nature, wildlife, and other campers. Dispose of your waste properly, and avoid disturbing the local flora and fauna.
  7. Safety Precautions:
    • Be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards. Norway’s natural landscape is beautiful but can be challenging. Let someone know your plans, and have a map or GPS device with you.
  8. Check Local Regulations:
    • Some areas may have specific rules or restrictions. Check with local authorities or the campsite management for any specific regulations or guidelines you should be aware of.
  9. Campfires:
    • In many places, open fires are not allowed during certain times of the year due to fire risk. Check local regulations and, if allowed, follow proper fire safety practices.
  10. Enjoy the Midnight Sun:
  • Depending on the time of year, you may experience the midnight sun phenomenon. Take advantage of the long days and enjoy the unique experience of having daylight late into the evening.

Remember to check for any updates or changes in regulations since my last knowledge update in January 2022, as rules and conditions can evolve over time. Enjoy your camping adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Hardangerfjord!


Camping in Geirangerfjord, Norway, is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the area. Geirangerfjord is known for its deep blue waters, waterfalls, and dramatic landscapes. Here are some ideas for camping in Geirangerfjord:

  1. Camping Locations:
    • Research and choose a campsite with a view of Geirangerfjord. There are several campsites in the area, each offering a unique perspective of the fjord. Some popular camping spots include Geiranger Camping and Grande Hytteutleige og Camping.
  2. Fjord Activities:
    • Take advantage of the fjord’s activities. You can explore the fjord by kayak, boat, or ferry. Many camping sites also offer boat rentals, allowing you to venture out onto the fjord and enjoy its beauty from the water.
  3. Hiking Adventures:
    • Geirangerfjord is surrounded by stunning mountains and hiking trails. Plan some hiking adventures to explore the viewpoints overlooking the fjord. Popular trails include the Dalsnibba viewpoint and the hike to the Seven Sisters waterfall.
  4. Waterfall Exploration:
    • Geirangerfjord is famous for its waterfalls, including the Seven Sisters, the Suitor, and the Bridal Veil. Plan visits to these waterfalls, either by hiking or taking boat tours that pass close to the falls.
  5. Fjord Sightseeing:
    • Consider taking a fjord sightseeing tour. There are boat trips available that provide guided tours of the fjord, offering historical and geological insights into the area.
  6. Photography Opportunities:
    • Geirangerfjord is a photographer’s paradise. Bring your camera and capture the breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, and reflections in the fjord. Sunrise and sunset are particularly magical times for photography.
  7. Wildlife Watching:
    • Keep an eye out for wildlife. Geirangerfjord is home to various bird species, and you might spot seals and porpoises in the fjord waters.
  8. Stargazing:
    • If the weather is clear, take advantage of the opportunity for stargazing. The remote location and lack of light pollution make it an excellent spot for observing the night sky.
  9. Cultural Experiences:
    • Learn about the local culture and history. Visit the Geiranger Fjord Center to discover more about the area’s heritage and the significance of the fjord.
  10. Pack Accordingly:
  • Given the variable weather in Norway, pack layers and waterproof gear. Make sure your camping equipment is suitable for changing conditions, and don’t forget essentials like insect repellent.

Remember to check for any updates or changes in regulations, and respect the natural environment by following Leave No Trace principles. Enjoy your camping adventure in the breathtaking surroundings of Geirangerfjord!


Waterfalls in West Coast Norway

Norway is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, and the fjords are often adorned with stunning waterfalls. If you’re exploring the fjords, particularly Geirangerfjord, here are some notable waterfalls to visit:

  1. Seven Sisters (De syv søstrene):
    • Located at Geirangerfjord, the Seven Sisters is one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway. The name comes from the seven separate streams that cascade down the mountainside.
  2. The Suitor (Friaren):
    • Adjacent to the Seven Sisters, The Suitor is a single waterfall that, according to local legend, is trying to woo the seven sisters across the fjord.
  3. Bridal Veil (Brudesløret):
    • Another beautiful waterfall at Geirangerfjord, the Bridal Veil is located on the opposite side of the fjord from the Seven Sisters. The waterfall is named for its veil-like appearance.
  4. Furebergsfossen:
    • Found near Geiranger, Furebergsfossen is a waterfall that descends from the steep mountainsides into the fjord. It’s easily visible when exploring the area.
  5. Storseterfossen:
    • This waterfall is located along the road between Geiranger and Grotli. It’s accessible by a short hike and offers a picturesque setting surrounded by lush greenery.
  6. Hjørundfjord Waterfalls:
    • Hjørundfjord, another stunning fjord in Norway, is surrounded by majestic mountains and features several waterfalls. Exploring the area by boat or hiking can lead to the discovery of these scenic falls.
  7. Langfoss:
    • Although not directly at Geirangerfjord, Langfoss is one of Norway’s tallest waterfalls and is located not too far away. It’s a spectacular sight plunging down the mountainside into Åkrafjord.
  8. Tvindefossen:
    • Situated near Voss, Tvindefossen is a twin waterfall with a total height of around 152 meters. It’s easily accessible from the main road and is a popular stop for visitors.
  9. Steinsdalsfossen:
    • Found near Norheimsund, Steinsdalsfossen is unique in that visitors can walk behind the waterfall. It’s a popular and easily accessible attraction.
  10. Kjosfossen:
    • Located on the Flåm Railway, Kjosfossen is a powerful waterfall surrounded by dramatic scenery. The train makes a stop here, allowing passengers to disembark and enjoy the view.

Remember that Norway’s fjords and waterfalls are often part of larger ecosystems and natural reserves. Respect local regulations, stay on designated paths, and enjoy these natural wonders responsibly.



Bergen map from the airport.


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