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What to do in Norway with a campervan.

What to do in Norway with a campervan. Get a few ideas.


Travelling in Norway with a mini campervan can be a fantastic adventure, allowing you to explore stunning landscapes, fjords, and charming towns at your own pace. Here are some ideas to make the most of your mini campervan journey in Norway:

  1. Fjord Exploration:
    • Visit iconic fjords such as Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord, and Sognefjord.
    • Camp along the fjords for breathtaking views and serene surroundings.
  2. Scenic Drives:
    • Take the Atlantic Road for its dramatic coastal views.
    • Drive the Trollstigen mountain road for hairpin bends and mountain scenery.
  3. Northern Lights Experience:
    • Plan your trip during winter to witness the Northern Lights.
    • Head to Tromsø or Lofoten Islands for optimal Northern Lights viewing.
  4. Coastal Towns and Villages:
    • Explore picturesque coastal towns like Bergen, Ålesund, and Stavanger.
    • Park your mini campervan in scenic spots for a coastal picnic.
  5. National Parks:
    • Visit Jotunheimen National Park for hiking and stunning landscapes.
    • Explore Rondane and Hardangervidda National Parks for nature and wildlife.
  6. Camping in Nature:
    • Take advantage of Norway’s «allemannsrett» (freedom to roam) and camp in beautiful natural spots.
    • Respect local guidelines and leave no trace to preserve the environment.
  7. Island Hopping:
    • Ferry-hop between islands in the Lofoten archipelago.
    • Discover the unique culture and landscapes of each island.
  8. Culinary Adventure:
    • Try local Norwegian cuisine in small towns and fishing villages.
    • Cook traditional dishes using local ingredients in your campervan.
  9. Hot Springs and Relaxation:
    • Visit natural hot springs like the ones in the Arctic Circle for a relaxing soak.
    • Enjoy the peacefulness of the surroundings.
  10. Wildlife Watching:
    • Keep an eye out for wildlife like reindeer, elk, and whales.
    • Consider taking a wildlife safari or a birdwatching tour.
  11. Cultural and Historical Sites:
    • Explore the historic architecture of cities like Trondheim and Oslo.
    • Visit stave churches and other cultural landmarks.
  12. Water Activities:
    • Try kayaking or canoeing in the crystal-clear Norwegian waters.
    • Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the abundance of rivers and lakes.

Remember to plan your route, be prepared for changing weather conditions, and make sure your mini campervan is equipped for the journey. Norway’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes make it a perfect destination for a memorable road trip.

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