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This page is for those who have a van and want to have a campervan.

How to order your furniture?

Steps to follow to order your camper kit

We explain the steps to follow to buy.

Step 1

Contact us via email at info@campervanbergen.com

Step 2

We send you the dossier or you can download it here PDF LONG MODEL CAMPER XL and PDF SHORT MODELS with the models so you can choose the type of kit you need. We advise you according to your preferences.

Step 3

As soon as you decide on your kit (kit model, wood color, edge color, extras) we send you a formal budget.

Step 4

Once the budget is accepted, you must make a 50% payment to reserve your furniture.

Step 5

Once the payment is confirmed, we proceed to the manufacture of the order (it may take from 15 to 30 days depending on the volume of work).

Step 6

We contact you when the furniture is finished to send you photos and videos of it. If you have the possibility of coming closer, you can pay the rest of 50% when you pick up the furniture.

Step 7

If you do not pick up your order at the factory, you have to pay the rest of 50% before shipping. Secure card payment through Virtual POS or bank transfer.

Step 8

Once the payment is received, we prepare your shipment with your tracking number. You have a 2-year manufacturing guarantee for any problem with materials and finishes.

The colors of wood to convert your van



Next, we are going to leave a list of the camper wood colors that we have available for the custom manufacture of your camper furniture.



Camper furniture size XL Ceniza New



Depending on the colors to choose and the combination of the edge color with the wood chosen for your campervan furniture, it may seem like a completely different piece of furniture.



Van Camper furniture is durable and resistant furniture, so an important point is the color of the wood that you are going to choose.



It must be a color that you don’t get tired of a lot and really convinces you since you are going to have the furniture for a long time unless you decide to sell it and change it for another.



That is why we recommend that you choose a color for your camper van furniture that you really like and that matches your van.



How is the wood for my Kit Camper?



Actually, the wood with which we work, which is the 9-layer laminated poplar plywood, changes is the color of the sheet, the interior composition being the same in any case.



It is one of the best materials to work within the camper world but it is also more expensive.



Camper furniture size XL Oak Alverta



You already know because we have told you on several occasions that we work with quality materials and this is something that makes us different from other companies.



In addition, our modular furniture, which is patented, is very practical as well as beautiful and durable.



But if apart from what we tell you here you still want to know more about the material or the type of wood we work with, CLICK HERE.



Here you will be able to see the complete list of camper wood colors that you can choose for the composition of your Camper furniture.



Next, we are going to show you the available wood colors for camper vans that we work with at Furgo Camper Muebles.


Later we will be incorporating new models of sheets so that you can choose new camper wood colors for your furniture.



If you have a preference for solid colors or a different style, you can contact us through our different CONTACT methods.



The options to combine the colors of wood for camper



In case you don’t know yet or didn’t remember, we’ll tell you about the different edge options that we work with at Furgo Camper furniture where you have to combine the chosen wood.



The options you have to combine the colors of camper wood with edging are the following:




Varied edges for camper furniture



The color of the edges is not something that we should take lightly, since depending on the color chosen, it can look like a very different piece of furniture, being the same wood.



I leave you an example of different edges for the same color of wood chosen so that you can see the difference in combinations. SEE HERE.



If after all this that we have told you about the colors of wood for campervans that you can choose, you are not entirely convinced, we encourage you to read our blog article where we advise you on what color to choose for your campervan furniture.


All the posts that we publish are based on our own experience and the experiences that our clients tell us in order to advise you the best.


Because as we never tire of repeating to us at Furgo Camper, what matters most to us is the satisfaction of our customers for a job well done.

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