Skarholmvegen 171, 5302, Strusshamn, Norway +47 40989611

About us

Who we are …

We are a company located in Bergen, the entrance to the spectacular Norwegian fjords.

We have been working for more than 5 years to offer the best service to our clients, offering the best services on the market in quality and price. We have

electric and diesel vehicles, depending on the needs of our clients.

We focus on easy driving, with small campervans, perfect for moving freely around Norway. Comfort in driving and your stay.

This rental will make your holidays unforgettable. 

Why choose Campervan Bergen AS?

Even though the company was born in a very humble way we started by renting my own campervan at the beginning.

We are a couple, a family now, who work hard so that our client feels accompanied on this journey through this wonderful country.

This year we are incorporating my good friend Pasku into the company, to help us in our adventure.

Here you can see us 11 years ago in Gudvanger.

We have been growing little by little and now we are suppliers to other larger and more powerful companies. Even if you rent with another company, you will most likely receive one of our services.

So why not contract with us directly?

We will be enormously grateful.

Do not hesitate to ask us on WhatsApp and we will be happy to assist you.

Hablamos Español.

Si lo desea puede contactarnos en Español o  Pasku puede atenderles en Catalan.

Watch our videos on YouTube and see the cheapest option to travel with a van in Norway



Furgoneta, Rent a campervan in Bergen?

Rent a campervan in Bergen and travel around the amazing fjords in wonderful Norway. Have a great vacation in this motorhome provide everything you need for your holidays. Our campervans have full equipment for 2 people. You can book very easily on our website and enjoy your holidays. This rental will make your holidays unforgettable. 

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