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Gratitude to Our Instagram Contributors

Gratitude to Our Instagram Contributors


Dear collaborators and friends on Instagram, especially @alpinistasamurai Pasqu Mulet Pedro, for your photographs for our posts,

From Campervan Bergen, we want to take a moment to express our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Every year, as the adventure season begins, we feel immensely honored to receive a vast number of messages and emails from travel enthusiasts, all interested in our beloved campervans and in collaborating with us. Your messages filled with enthusiasm and your eagerness to share special moments with our campervans bring us immense joy and motivate us to keep going.

We feel very fortunate to have such a passionate and dedicated community. We are proud to know that many of you share our love for nature, travel, and of course, the beautiful region of Bergen and its surroundings. Bergen, with its picturesque landscapes, charming old town, and the stunning Norwegian fjords that surround it, is a magical place that deserves to be explored and admired.

We know that each of you has a unique and special story, and we are grateful for the time you take to write to us and share your interest in collaborating with us. We would love to work with all of you, but unfortunately, due to high demand and our logistical limitations, it is not always possible.

We want you to know that we deeply value every message and proposal we receive. Each of you contributes significantly to our community and inspires us to continuously improve. We strive to offer you the best content and the best possible experiences, both with our campervans and on our social media.

We are committed to continuing to share the beauty of Bergen and the Norwegian fjords through our posts and collaborations. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on our Instagram page @campervanbergen. There you can enjoy stunning photographs, inspiring stories, and learn more about our campervans and the wonderful adventures that can be experienced with them.

Thank you for your understanding and for being an integral part of our community. We will continue to work hard to ensure that every experience with Campervan Bergen is unforgettable and that all of you can continue to enjoy the splendour of Norwegian landscapes, whether through our posts or, hopefully, in the future, aboard one of our campervans.

With gratitude and appreciation,

The Campervan Bergen Team

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